◆ Course on Saturday ◆ 2h with all you can drink 4000 ⇒ 3000 yen for meeting etc.

◆ Course on Saturday ◆ 2h with all you can drink 4000 ⇒ 3000 yen for meeting etc.

3000 yen

We will receive it at 3500 yen except Saturday

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All-you-can-drink available

Plum wine · Shochu whole 30 kinds, Super dry, cocktail etc. Plus 300 yen plum wine 50 kinds.Upgraded to all-you-can-eat drinks of 50 kinds of shochu

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 22:00

【Deals on Saturday】 It is a party plan.How about meeting or consultation etc. How about 2 hours of coffee with all you can drink 6 products of good deals

Course menu

All-you-can-drink contents

Asahi Super Dry

10 kinds of plum wine, 20 kinds of shochu

Sake, cocktail, soft drink, high ball, wine


1. Assorted 3 different appetizers daily

2. Japanese style salad

3. Spicy chicken tandoori style

4. Chef's menu

5. Quiche of seasonal vegetables

6. Rice Items (Cooked Rice, Pasta and Other Daily Choice)

※ Course contents according to purchase situation

Please understand beforehand that it may be changed

All-you-can-drink menu

· Plum wine 10 species
· Diamond plum wine, plum wine, star plum wine liquor, rice plum plum, plum wine black, plum wine plum wine, Kishu yuzu plum wine, Kishu green tea plum wine, Kishu honey plum wine, Kishu red plum wine
· 10 kinds of shochu (potato)
· Black Kirishima, Red Rabbit, bright farm village, farmer's wife, Fuzo Baoshan, Yoshiho Baoshan, Non-Familiar, Tempo Ansho, White Sword, Black Tsuma
· 10 kinds of shochu (wheat, rice, others)
· Inside, special distillery Akira, Tsukushi white, Yokaichi, Mayuri, Ren, Remaining wave, Ruizen, Red maiden, Unkai
· 5 soft drinks and 10 cocktails

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