Forgotten annual meeting [Ankowou course 2 hours with all you can drink 8 items] 5000 yen → 4000 yen with coupon usage
4000 yen

50 kinds of plum wine boasting, 50 kinds of shochu, with 2 hours of unlimited drinks with super dry


~ 2 hours of all you can drink ~

Asahi Super Dry

Plum wine 50 kinds · Shochu 50 species

Sake, cocktail, soft drink, highball


Today's small bowl

Four items of sashimi determined on stock of the day

Anko hotpot

Beef cattle roast beef carpaccio

Deep fried bean paste

Daishin Ball Gratin

Deadline noodles


※ Course contents according to purchase situation

Please understand beforehand that it may be changed