Farewell party welcome party pot choice upper party banquet plan 5500 yen → 5000 yen ~ 2 hours with all you can drink 8 items ~
5000 Yen

Asahi Super Dry, Plum wine 60 kinds Shochu 50 kinds of local sake available


~ 2 hours with unlimited drink course content Course content ~

Asahi Super Dry

Full-fledged plum wine all over the country 【60 species】

Major shochu 【50 kinds】

Variety of local wine, such as "Hachihama"

Cocktail, soft drink, high ball

· Seasonal small bowl

· Five pieces of sashimi that will be decided by today's stocking

· Main dish you can choose (kinki pot, kinki shabu-shabu, anko hotpot)

· Roasted beef with horseradish cow with mountain wasabi

· Steamed chicken grated plum meat sauce

· Shrimp soup with special chawanmushi

·cooked rice


Course content depending on purchase situation ※

Please understand beforehand that it may be changed.