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2nd Meeting Plan from 2 pm 2 hours 2,500 yen 3 hours 3,000 yen

2nd Meeting Plan from 2 pm 2 hours 2,500 yen 3 hours 3,000 yen

By using a coupon2500 Yen

Limited to use for 4 people or more after 21:00

  • 3items
  • 4-10persons
All-you-can-drink available

Draft beer, 50 kinds of shochu, 50 kinds of plum wine

Available days for reservation
Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday

Plum wine 60 kinds · Shochu 50 kinds · Super dry etc etc. 2 hours drink all you can drink Souvenir suitable for drinks is also excellent.

Course menu

Second shopping plan that our all-you-can-eat plum wine 60 kinds of shochu has entered all-you-can-drink

With 3 items of snacks suitable for drinking

Please note that the content of the snack is subject to change.

Please contact us separately for the content of 3 hours.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Full sweet shochu (sweet potato) 26 kinds
· Kirishima, Black Kirishima, Funokohama, Kikuchi Baoshan, Red Rabbit, Purple Red Rabbit, Kiroku, Mountain Cat, White Sweet Potato, Black Pine, White Dots, Yachiyo Den, Kyoto, Shima Beauty, Kiki, Light Farm Village, Farmer's Wife ··other
· Authentic shochu 【wheat】 10 kinds
· Sato (wheat), middle town, mountain monkey, mountain jade, Nikaido, wheat whole koji specialties Akira, Tsukushi (white), Tsukushi (black), · others
· Major shochu 【other】 14 kinds
· Silver wind, Dabada fire, Cloud sea, Gen Ouan, Yokaichi, Mayuri,, Red maiden, Kozue Tan, Ren, Shuizen, Remnant wave, Shuri Ten · · · others
· Plum wine 【1】 50 kinds
· Yuzu plum wine, lemon plum wine, tea plum wine, melting brown sugar plum wine, plum plum, banana plum wine, melon plum wine, mango plum wine, rose plum wine, momo plum wine, apple plum wine, apple plum wine, mixed berry plum wine
· Plum wine 【2】
· Neo Ginger Plum wine, Collagen plum wine, New White plum wine, Plum wine of fortitude, Plum wine of Oku Musashi, plum of Shinto shrine, Jasmine plum wine, Ruisen plum wine,
· Plum wine 【3】
· Plum wine of Koshimasa, Omori Turbidity plum wine, Umeino lodging plain plum plum wine, Nishigori Nigori plum wine, Kishu era plum wine, Satsuma plum wine
· Plum wine 【4】
· Plum wine charged with sake at Hachihama, Eight years of Azumino, Meizuman, Plum wine of Mr. Toshonemon, Emperor, Tsurume Plum ripe, Tsurume plum · · · etc.
· Wine (white · red), sparkling wine (white · red), 12 cocktails, 5 soft drinks, various sour sake, sake
Asahi Super Dry

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